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Joe Onisick

Joe Onisick is the founder of Define the Cloud and industry thought follower.  Follow his angry rants on Twitter @joeonisick.

Onisick has 17 years of IT experience spanning a broad range of disciplines, starting with server/network administrationFrom 2000-2005, Onisick was a US Marine, where he served in a number of roles focused on repairing electronics and managing electro-optical repair facilities.
Today, Onisick’s expertise focuses on designing next generation data center architectures that include cross platform solutions and emerging technologies for large federal organizations, service providers and commercial
enterprises.  His specialty is in understanding the client’s business requirements, and designing an appropriate comprehensive solution that includes the end-to-end convergence of server virtualization, storage and networking, in order to build a foundation for highly efficient data centers and private cloud architectures. These architectures also include automation, monitoring, provisioning and chargeback capabilities in order to complete a private cloud model. Onisick works for a technology vendor, and due to a silly corporate policy he cannot state which here. Just know that his perspective may, or may not, be colored by his day job.

Onisick presented on network convergence at Emulex’s 2009 OneConnect Product Launch in both London and Munich.  He presented at Cisco’s 2009 European Data Center Re-Launch on ‘Why UCS’ to a large audience of Cisco Account Managers.  Onisick also moderated the “With Great Apps Comes Great Responsibility” panel at VentureBeat’s CloudBeat 2013 conference: http://venturebeat.com/events/cloudbeat2013/agenda/.

He regularly leads workshops and sessions on how to best deploy next generation infrastructure platforms and is highly regarded in his industry in the areas of data center infrastructure and private cloud architectures.

Onisick also maintains a guest blog at Network Computing and often writes in-depth reports on various emerging data center and cloud topics for InformationWeek.

Onisick has received the PosDev award from http://wikibon.org/ for content on Define the Cloud and contribution to the IT community and occasionally guest hosts on The CloudCast (http://www.thecloudcast.net/).


You can find Joe on:

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jonisick

Email: joe (at) definethecloud (dot) net