FCoTR a Storage Revolution

As the industry has rapidly standardized and pushed adoption of Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) there continue to be many skeptics.  Many Fibre Channel gurus balk at the idea of Ethernet being capable of guaranteeing the right level of lossless delivery and performance required for the SCSI data their disks need.  IP Junkies like Greg Ferro (http://etherealmind.com/) balk at the idea of changing Ethernet in any way and insist that IP can solve all the worlds problems including world hunger (Sally Struthers over IP SSoIP.)  Additionally there is a fear from some storage professionals of having to learn Ethernet networks or being displaced by their Network counterparts.

In steps Fibre Channel over Token Ring (FCoTR.)  FCoTR promises to provide collisionless delivery using proven Token Ring networks.  FCoTR is proposed by industry recognized experts: E. Banks, K. Houston, S. Foskett, R. Plankers and W. C. Preston to solve the issues mentioned above and provide a network that can converge Fibre Channel onto Token Ring while maintaining the purity of IP and providing job protection to storage administrators.  FCoTR is synergistic network convergence for Data Center 3.0 and Cloud Computing.

FCoTR has taken the fast track into the public eye and will be interesting to watch as it evolves.  If IBM plays their card rights they may be able to ride this wave into displacing Cisco and regaining their dominance in that space.  For more information on FCoTR:

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