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Yeah I know the ‘and’ between bacon and eggs should be lower case but that just looks silly, let’s move on 😉


BAEaaS is a recovery tweetup following the previous nights festivities.  It was originally scheduled for Tuesday but due to popular demand has been moved to Wednesday (mainly because the amount of large parties going on Monday night may negate people’s desire to get out of bed any earlier than sessions require.)

Breakfast will go from 7:00am – 9:00am with the intent that people will filter in and out throughout the two hour period.  There are no reservations and Mel’s is a diner so it’s first come first serve, best bet is to come by 7 or at 8 (breakfast shift work.)

Come eat bacon #vmworld3word



Note: BAEaaS is a BYOB event (Buy Your Own Breakfast.)  That being said with plenty of partners and vendors around mention an interest and a budget and you may make it on somebody’s expenses.



Wednesday 9/1 – 7:00am –9:00am Pacific

801 Mission St San Francisco CA 94103


For any overflow there are two close by options where groups can go: Denny’s and Starbucks depending on your preferences.  See all locations on the map below:

Green Pin: Moscone Center

Red Pin: Mel’s Drive-In

Blue Pin: Denny’s

Orange Pin: Starbucks


Special Thanks:

@juiceLSU009 the brains behind the idea

@tscalzott for naming the location which looks to be fantastic food

Extra Special Thanks:

@crystal_lowe Crystal provided me with wonderful suggestions and contacts for properly planning an event such as this.  Due to time constraints, budget, personal laziness, etc. I ignored all of her suggestions.  If any part of the BAEaaS is not up to snuff please ensure you retweet Crystal’s well deserved ‘I told you so.’

If you’re not familiar with Crystal and have a spouse that attends industry events with you, it’s time to familiarize yourself.  Here are links to what she’s got planned this year for the spouses.

Special note: you cannot exchange you actual VMworld pass for a Spousetivities pass although you’ll want to.

Post Author: Joe Onisick (@JoeOnisick)

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