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Post Author: Joe Onisick

Joe has over 13 years experience in various disciplines within technology and the data center. His current focus is cloud computing infrastructures, I/O consolidation, and next generation data center architectures.

2 Replies to “Next Generation Networking Panel With Brad Hedlund – Cisco ACI vs. VMware NSX”

  1. Firstly a nice debate,
    Joe and Brad i thought we would have nice WWE match.
    You Guys confuse us more and more :). Approach looks like a VNIC or NIC should be capable of doing L4 to L7 services. For me it looks like NSX and ACI NIC or VNIC respectively are capable of doing L4 to L7 services and hence both are application aware.
    It’s about the performance for NIC and VNIC to deliver east / west traffic.
    1. Go with NSX if get the performance and DLINK switches
    2. Go with ACI if we don’t get the performance.
    “I really liked the question why would someone deploy NSX or ACI today or to solve what problem
    ACI – No need to config thousands of devices when you want to deploy app.
    NXS- Secuirty is top reason.”

    To summary it looks like network engg roles would be changed going ahead….

    BR, Ravi

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